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With the combined skills of a lawyer and neurosurgeon, Mike Giordano of Legal Medical Associates has helped countless clients with their legal and medical concerns. It’s no wonder that he gets so many rave reviews. Keep reading to learn exactly why clients keep coming to our firm for specialized assistance.

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I’ve worked together with Michael Giordano for years in a legal setting and his extensive background as a physician and surgeon enabled him to decipher complex medical legal matters quickly and directly. His compassion for the well being of others has been consistently reflected in his work, and is often contagious.
Mike has always maintained a clear and direct manner about him that has been invaluable, especially in time sensitive situations. He is a highly principled attorney and physician and one of the most intelligent and thorough people I’ve ever worked with!

Laurel Sibley

I have known and worked with Mike for several years. Mike brings a unique and compelling perspective to medicolegal issues. He can identify both the complex, technical medical issues and the thorny legal ones. He is able to analyze and explain these issues in a plain-spoken, relatable manner so that clients and juries can understand. I regularly consult with Mike in my medicolegal cases as his unique skill set is a critically valuable asset in helping to analyze, develop and present the best case.

Paul Edwards

Mike is an excellent medical and legal professional. His assistance has been invaluable to numerous cases at my firm. He is very professional and thorough but at the same time down to earth and personable. he is able to communicate complex medical issues on a lay level. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone in need of a medical/ legal case review. He is always there when I need him and has always been there to help me in a pinch.

Isabel Del Vecchio

Meeting with Mike Giordano was time and money very well Spent! Mike provided me with excellent wisdom, guidance and advice as I started up a unique medical practice dealing with high risk patients and various regulatory and professional issues. Mike’s expertise as a physician, attorney and businessman has been invaluable in the success of my practice. Mike is also very personable and now I not only have a valued and trusted consultant and advisor but someone who I consider a friend!

Sal Romeo MD