For Patients

Valuable Legal Counsel From A Highly Skilled Professional

Medical patients deserve to trust in the services they receive from healthcare practitioners. When you become injured or ill due to the mistakes of a doctor or specialist, it can often feel as though that trust has been broken. At Legal Medical Associates, we understand that you are going through a stressful and difficult time. With the industry-specific knowledge of our principal attorney, Dr. Mike Giordano, we strive to help you get compensation for your losses, hold healthcare practitioners accountable, and restore your faith in the medical industry.

Because Mike Giordano works as a neurosurgeon as well as an attorney, he can bring his versatile skill set to your medical malpractice or personal injury case. You will most likely need expert testimony to argue your case, particularly if you choose to litigate.  Given his over 30 year career as a physician, Mike has experts in multiple medical specialties available to him a phone call away; with many being personal friends of his.  If you live near our office or in a proximate location, you can come to us for an impartial second opinion from an experienced neurosurgeon. We also perform independent medical medical exams for patients and their insurance companies or workers’ compensation case managers.

For keen insight into your medical malpractice or personal injury case, call 203-877-3899 or contact the consulting firm at Legal Medical Associates. We will provide you with one-on-one service, taking the time to explain anything you might not understand about the legal or medical process. Let us know how we can answer your questions, give you an independent opinion or show you how to possibly make reparations for your injury or illness.