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Mike has personal interest in assisting physicians who may be facing reprisals from hospitals or specialty associations for having been plaintiffs’ experts or “whistleblowers.” Some specialty societies impose strict restrictions on what a member physician can testify to with severe penalties for violations of the restrictions. Physicians facing such sanctions should have legal representation in these matters for without them, their ability to testify in future cases will be suppressed; sometimes permanently. With regard to “whistleblowers,” the law provides for immunity from reprisals for physicians who wish to report to the U.S. Government that a healthcare entity is involved with “kickbacks” and/or false claims (in violation of federal law). Such healthcare providers should have counsel in such matters for their own protection.

Mike Giordano has been a physician, hospital owner and co-founder of a medical device company and has first-hand knowledge of the issues involved in these matters from a practitioner/owner’s point of view and understands what a whistleblower may be up against should he or she wish to come forward. Through this unique combination of personal experiences, Legal Medical Associates can ensure that such whistleblowers are provided the full protection of federal law and will refer you to his law practice at the Edwards Trial Law firm in Danbury, Connecticut.