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When you’re dealing with a complex legal matter, it can be especially helpful to bring a fresh perspective to the table. At Legal Medical Associates, we aim to shed new light on your legal challenges using two professional perspectives: those of a skilled attorney and experienced physician. As such, we are fluent in both the legal and medical concepts involved in a malpractice or personal injury case. Where law and medicine intersect, we combine our specialized knowledge of both industries to deliver uniquely effective consulting, accurate case analyses, and overall exceptional results.

Legal Medical Associates is led by Dr. Mike Giordano, an experienced lawyer and neurosurgeon. He provides insightful guidance to lawyers, doctors, and patients involved in medical malpractice and personal injury cases. Whether you’re an attorney in need of highly skilled co-counsel, a doctor facing malpractice claims, or an injured patient seeking legal remedy, Mike can identify the strengths of your case and devise a strategy for your success.

Mike Giordano’s diverse career has led him through a host of demanding situations, including a private neurosurgery practice, his own medical device company, over a decade of work in personal injury law, and even a high-ranking position in the US Navy. Clients have come to trust in his extensive expertise and his action-oriented approach. Because he believes in reaching a favorable resolution for all parties, whenever possible, his team includes a knowledgeable mediator with prior experience in litigation.

For an invaluable new perspective in your medical malpractice case, get in touch with the versatile consultants at Legal Medical Associates. We are well-equipped to serve you with trial strategy, legal representation, or independent medical examination, whatever the case may be. We look forward to illuminating your legal concerns with our insightful counsel.

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Free Resource download

To Try, or Not to Try?: 8 Questions Attorneys Should Ask Themselves Before Taking a Medical Malpractice Case to Trial

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Latest Blog

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I have known and worked with Mike for several years. Mike brings a unique and compelling perspective to medicolegal issues. He can identify both the complex, technical medical issues and the thorny legal ones. He is able to analyze and explain these issues in a plain-sp…
Paul Edwards
I’ve worked together with Michael Giordano for years in a legal setting and his extensive background as a physician and surgeon enabled him to decipher complex medical legal matters quickly and directly. His compassion for the well being of others has been consistent…
Laurel Sibley
Mike is an excellent medical and legal professional. His assistance has been invaluable to numerous cases at my firm. He is very professional and thorough but at the same time down to earth and personable. he is able to communicate complex medical issues on a lay level.…
Isabel Del Vecchio
Meeting with Mike Giordano was time and money very well Spent! Mike provided me with excellent wisdom, guidance and advice as I started up a unique medical practice dealing with high risk patients and various regulatory and professional issues. Mike’s expertise as a phy…
Sal Romeo MD